How To Buy

REHAU Expertise

Heritage 2We know that replacing the windows and doors in your property or adding a uPVC conservatory to your home are all significant and long term investments.  That’s why it is important that you make the right choice in both the window system you choose and the company you select to make your new windows and carry out the installation.

At REHAU our expertise lies in the design and manufacture of uPVC Window and Door systems.  Backed by solid German engineering principles, our window and door systems are designed specifically for the UK market and all are manufactured in our production facility in North Wales. 

View our new Consumer video to see the benefits of choosing REHAU uPVC Window and Door systems - from profile production, quality testing right through to an actual installation.

Your Local Supplier

If you decide you’d like to have REHAU products installed, you know you’re in safe hands. We have a network of independent suppliers who operate countrywide who are expert in the field of supplying double glazing - we call them Authorised Partners.  These independent companies are all experienced in the field of manufacturing and/or installing windows, door and conservatories and many of them have been buying REHAU uPVC systems for decades.

You can use this site to find the details of your local REHAU supplier and arrange a consultation, the process is simple:

  1. Choose the product area
  2. Identify your area of residence
  3. Enter your postcode
  4. Review the results – individual profile pages tell you more about the company, their products and guarantees.   

Use the search box opposite to find your local REHAU Installer.                     

You can then make a decision as to which company/companies you would like to contact – this means that you have direct control over the level of contact made.

uPVC Conservatory Chartwell Green GRMBefore becoming an Authorised Partner each independent company is visited by one of our experienced Sales Managers and we monitor their performance.

Our Authorised Partner use only genuine REHAU window and door systems and follow our technical guidelines.  (To make sure that your new windows are genuine REHAU – just check the inside of the frame for the REHAU reference number which will begin ‘RHEN’ and when they are installed they will be protected by REHAU branded tape that should be removed once the installation is complete).

We encourage our installers to use a Consumer Satisfaction survey on completion of every installation (also available on this site) which plays a part in our quality control process to help ensure that the high standards you expect are being met.

Our Authorised Partners are all independent companies which means they all make their own choices regarding the specification of their finished windows, doors and conservatories.  They will advise you on the styles, locking systems, glass specification and colours and finishes they offer and will provide you with advice and guidance as to what is suitable for your home.  (REHAU does not supply the glass or hardware which will be fitted as part of your finished window).

View our Buyers Guide for more information on how to make sure you buy the very best – whether you are looking for replacement windows and doors or a new conservatory.