Maintenance and Ventilation Tips

Getting the Most From Your uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows need very little maintenance, however to ensure that your new replacement windows retain their pristine appearance you should bear the following tips in mind.


Slightly dirty frames can be cleaned with warm water and washing up liquid.

Extremely dirty frames should be cleaned with REHAU’s special cleaning fluid – ask your Installer.

Abrasive cleaners and dry cleaning with a duster should be avoided.  Cleaning solutions and polishes that contain solvents or thinners should not be used as they will damage the frames and seals.


Double glazed windows are designed to close very tightly and conserve energy and will, under normal circumstances, prevent condensation.

However, where humidity levels are high condensation may occur on cold surfaces.  This can easily be solved with correct ventilation.  Windows should be opened on a daily basis sufficiently frequently to allow the moist air out and fresh air in.  Your new windows will also be fitted with trickle vents which aid ventilation.

Handles and Hinges

All moving parts of fittings should be lightly oiled once or twice a year to ensure that your uPVC windows will always open smoothly.

Most hinges have a built-in adjustment facility so if your double glazed window should begin to stick contact your local installer as only a trained window installer has the skill necessary to make the necessary adjustments.

Repairs and Service

If, over time, your uPVC windows need attention you should contact the original installation company, or simply carry out a search for an alternative REHAU installer as many of our Partners are more than happy to carry out repairs and service work.