Renewable Energy & Heating

Heat and Ventilate Your Home

Family in warm house With the increase of energy prices and the decrease in fossil fuel reserves many of us are turning to renewable energy systems to heat and ventilate our homes.

At REHAU we are proud to be a leading global manufacturer of energy efficient heating systems and are able to offer ground source energy solutions for heating and cooling a building and underfloor heating systems for homes. We offer solutions that are ideal for new build projects, major refurbishments and extensions.

Ground source energy - reducing your carbon footprint

Ground source heating systems use one of the most commonly exploited renewable energy sources, relying on the near constant temperature of the ground throughout the year to provide heating and cooling for a building. It has many benefits and can save up to 75% of your heating and 85% of your cooling requirements.

With the advantage of being hidden from view and usable all year round, it is an increasingly attractive option for many of our customers.

Ground source systems can be linked up with underfloor heating installation due to the lower operating temperatures when compared to a standard radiator system.

Underfloor heating - design and technology at your feet

Our underfloor heating provides you with the right amount of heat in the right place at the right time – in a practical and cost effective way.

At REHAU we have a tried and trusted track record of supplying underfloor heating systems, earned over 30 years in the market and can offer solutions for all floor types and finishes.