Ground-Air Heat Exchanger

AWADUKT Thermo Relying on the near constant temperature of the ground throughout the year (at a depth of around 1.5 – 2 metres the ground varies from between 7 – 12 degrees centigrade).

By harnessing this natural resource you can use this system to supplement your heating in winter and cool it in the summer – using affordable, sustainable and proven technology.

Our AWADUKT Thermo ground-air heat exchanger makes an important contribution to energy-saving construction. The ground’s ability to store energy is used to achieve an energy-efficient controlled ventilation solution.

We have developed the first ground-air heat exchanger with an antimicrobial inner layer. So, as well as saving both costs and energy, property owners can also make a considerable improvement to the quality of the air inside their buildings.

Our AWADUKT Thermo Ground-air heat exchanger is a simple and efficient renewable energy solution which has proven extremely popular in both residential and commercial properties.

It operates by drawing ventilation air through an underground network of pipes 1.5 – 2m deep – with the air being pre-cooled in the summer and pre-heated in the winter.

When used with a heat-recovery unit, this significantly reduces the heating and cooling costs for a building, whilst providing the additional benefit of reducing the need for natural ventilation such as opening windows – leading to improved security and a reduction in noise and draughts.