Underfloor Heating and Cooling

Energy efficient underfloor heating With over 25 years experience in manufacturing underfloor heating systems you can trust us to deliver one of the most comfortable and efficient forms of heating available on the market today– it can also help to keep you cool in the summer.

Our underfloor heating is suitable for new builds, extensions and major refurbishment projects.



What is Underfloor Heating?

Basically underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through a network of cross-linked polyethylene pipes laid into the floor which then gently spreads heat throughout the whole house. As the network of pipes cover the entire floor area there are very few temperature variations, especially when compared with the more traditional heating methods using radiators.

Modern technology means that there is a REHAU underfloor heating system to suit whichever floor type you have in your home – suspended wooden floors and screeded floors.

You can be assured that our underfloor heating system will provide you with the right amount of heat in the right place at the right time – in a practical and cost effective way.



Family in warm house Underfloor Heating creates a feeling of well being, as it gently and evenly warms the home environment.

With our modern control systems you get just the right amount of heat, at the right time and in the right place, controlled by individual room thermostats.




With underfloor heating you get complete freedom when it comes to room layout and design. Radiators take up valuable space and cause obstruction when it comes to cleaning, painting or wallpapering your rooms.

You are not limited with the floor covering you can chose, basically anything that conducts heats well is ideal – stone, tiles, wood or vinyl. Hard floor finishes become more comfortable and longer lasting.


Energy Efficiency

You will find that the low water temperature circulating in the floor systems and the distribution of heat where you need it will combine to save you money on your fuel bills.


Health and Safety

Underfloor Heating means warm and dry floors, which inhibit the growth of house mites – a benefit to asthma and allergy suffers and with gentle heat radiating from the floor, draughts are all but eliminated meaning lower dust levels throughout the house.

You will also benefit from no hot, hard edged radiators for young and old to injure themselves.